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We understand that no one really wants to contact customer support, but eventually is happens to all of us. When these issues arise, the Brentmark Support Team Experts are here to help you quickly resolve your issue and answer your questions.

Below you will find a few quick tips for submitting technical support tickets.  It is important to check these frequently, as they are constantly being updated.

  •  Have you tried our FAQs section?  Your question may already have a published quick response.
  •  Have you tried our Video Tutorials section?  We may already have a step-by-step solution for you.

If you have tried the above options, it is time to submit a technical support ticket.  We encourage ALL current customers to send their sales, billing and technical support questions to the Brentmark Support Team.  Your support request will be automatically added to the queue, where your ticket will be reviewed and routed to the appropriate Support Team Expert for a direct response via email.

** NOTE ** 

If you are NOT an existing Brentmark customer, are in need of advanced research, have a general question, suggestion, or product/feature recommendations please Ask The Experts! instead of submitting a technical support ticket below.

Examples of  Support Team Ticket Requests:

  • Technical Support (account use and access, implementing new updates and releases for current clients and customers, reporting a bug, etc.)
  • Sales & Billing Support (billing, license subscription, license renewals, etc.)