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Updated To Include The SECURE ActRetirement Plan Analyzer

Plan for the Future with Our Most Extensive Retirement Planning Software


The Retirement Plan Analyzer evaluates various strategies of taking distributions from traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plans. One of the most desired features of the Retirement Plan Analyzer is the Roth IRA conversion feature, used for comparing and evaluating conversions to a Roth IRA. The program allows you to show a 100% conversion or conversions over several years.  This is Brentmark’s most comprehensive retirement program.

***New Features of our 2020 Update***

  • SECURE Act Updated.
  • 2020 Income and Estate Tax adjustments have been added.
  • The State Death Tax Manager has been updated to include changes the most currently released updates.
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  • Roth IRA Conversion
  • Stretch IRA Naming a Beneficiary
  • Inherited IRA
  • Spousal Rollover
  • RMD schedule
  • 72(t)

Key Features of Retirement Plan Analyzer

  • quick start menu for easy navigation
  • calculates up to four situations simultaneously for varying types of distributions
  • handles any possible combination of automatic refiguring of life expectancy
  • handles additional contributions to retirement accounts
  • distributions to pay expenses (subject to minimum distribution rules)
  • handles up to 10 beneficiaries
  • insurance premiums and proceeds (single life and 2nd-to-die insurance)
  • pre-59½ distributions that avoid the 10% penalty
  • estate tax and state death tax using Brentmark’s State Death Tax Manager
  • has extensive reporting capabilities
  • income tax rates may be entered on a yearly basis with separate rates optionally used for life-time distributions
  • updated to maintain compliance with all new laws and regulations
  • easy downloadable updates come right to your email with a one-click install

“Let Brentmark do all of your IRA and estate planning calculations, that’s what I do, especially for Roth IRA conversion planning, Stretch IRAs, 72(t) schedules and much more.”

Ed Slott, CPA, Retirement Expert, Founder
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