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Kugler Estate Analyzer

Helping Clients Realize Their Goals has Never Been so Easy

The Kugler Estate Analyzer™ is a comprehensive estate planning program using a building block approach. Estate planning techniques may be stacked on top of each other to show the incremental effect of each technique.

***New Features 2019 Update***

  • We will no longer be using the BUS (Brentmark Update System), please uninstall it.
  • AFR table is now online.
  • Help files are online and updated more efficiently.
  • 2019 Estate Tax adjustments.
  • New technique – Family Legacy Using Life Insurance.
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User-Friendly Kugler Estate Analyzer™ is Divided into Three Sections

Comprehensive Client Reports Explain the Purpose of Each Technique:

  • Pertinent Information recaps the relevant information about the client’s assets.
  • Goals & Objectives explains why each technique is being considered.
  • Proposed Arrangement describes how to implement each technique being illustrated.
  • Results and Benefits illustrate the benefits of implementing the planner’s recommendations.
  • Flowcharts are used to demonstrate the impact of the technique on the client’s overall financial picture. Since the planning techniques are integrated, the flowcharts reflect the combined effect of the techniques.  You can easily demonstrate to the client the benefits of each planning technique.
  • Summary of Planning Results clearly and concisely illustrate the benefits of utilizing the estate plan.
Kugler Techniques


  • Credit Shelter Trust

  • Life Insurance Trust
  • Funding Estate Costs
  • Marital QTIP Trust
  • GST Trust
  • Income to Spouse
  • QPRT
  • GRAT (zeroed out)
  • Rolling GRAT
  • CRAT
  • CLUT
  • CRUT
  • Sale to Grantor Trust (IDIT)
  • Family Legacy Using Life Insurance
  • Family Limited Partnership
  • Special Use Valuation
  • Testamentary Charitable Gift
  • Outright Gift
  • Annual Exclusion Gifts
“I am long-time user of many of Brentmark’s programs. I find the accuracy and simplicity of the programs most beneficial to myself and to my clients.”
Franz Capraro, CPA, GLSC & Co., Davie, FL
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