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Estate Planning Quickview

Analyze Multiple Disposition Plans to Find the Best Fit

Estate Planning QuickView compares eight major disposition plans for each spouse. QuickView finds in seconds which estate planning strategy provides the best financial fit for a client and their family. Use this program to significantly reduce the time needed to analyze their plan.

Flowcharts, graphs and summaries are all presented for the client.

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Estate Planning QuickView Is Divided into Three Input Sections

Estate Planning QuickView Software

Key Features of Estate Planning QuickView

  • quick turn-around time for calculations

  • easy to use

  • state death tax calculations (estate taxes and inheritance taxes) for all 50 states
  • updated to maintain compliance with all new laws and regulations
  • easy downloadable updates come right to your email with a one-click install

“I have used Estate Planning QuickView for years because of its easy collection of data and beautiful flowchart representations.  The program is set up to handle 7 common situations which makes planning decisions much easier.”

Estate Planner, Chicago, IL
Estate Planning Tools Software

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