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Charitable Financial Planner LIVE IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Charitable Financial Planner 2020 (Desktop) is NOT yet available.  These are separate programs.  Contact us for further details.

Find Your Client’s Sweet Spot in Charitable Gifting with Our Charitable Financial Planning Software

The Charitable Financial Planner is the perfect tool to advise clients who donate. It is built with the ability to compute complex planned giving calculations. It includes illustrations of capital gains tax savings and income tax deductions.

Charitable Financial Planner generates high-quality reports and full color 3D graphs to compare the different models.

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  • Split-interest charitable transfers (term, one to five lives)
  • CRAT life cases include 5% probability test of Rev. Rul. 77-374 with year-by-year report. Exhaustion test of 7520 regs included in various models
  • CRUT
  • Pooled income funds
  • Charitable Remainder in farm/residence
  • CLAT
  • CLUT
  • QPRT
  • Charitable Gift annuities (immediate and deferred)
  • GRAT
  • GRUT
  • Interrelated Estate Tax

Key Features of Charitable Financial Planner

  • quick turn-around time for calculations

  • easy to use
  • updated to maintain compliance with all new laws and regulations
  • downloadable updates come right to your email
  • ability to put your disclaimer on each page
“This is an absolutely friendly and accurate program. The reporting is quite clear and presents very well to our clients.”
David M. Allison, Believers Stewardship Services, Inc., Dubuque, IA
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