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Brentmark, Inc. | Recommended Reading  RECOMMENDED READING

Nicole Maholtz, President and CEO of Brentmark, Inc. is proud to share the following Recommended Reading list.  This list has been carefully curated and sorted by topic below.  If you think a book or article should be added to the list, please use the “Submit Recommendation” tab below or send us an email.

Look Before Your LIRP by David McKnight

by: David McKnight

Look Before Your LIRP

In his bestselling book The Power of Zero, David McKnight laid out a step-by-step plan on how to get to the 0% tax bracket in retirement. Why is the 0% tax bracket so important? Because if tax rates double, as some experts predict, two times zero is still zero! He also showed how, in many cases, it’s impossible to get to the 0% tax bracket without using a Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP).

In this follow-up book, Look Before Your LIRP, he makes the case that, while a variety of LIRPs may help get you to the 0% tax bracket, not all will do so with the same efficiency or effectiveness. In fact, finding the right LIRP for your tax-free retirement plan can be just like finding the ideal spouse. Just as you likely had a list of qualities you were looking for in a life-long partner, you should have certain attributes and provisions in mind when looking for the ideal LIRP. Look Before Your LIRP spells out exactly what you’ll need to build a successful LIRP relationship and reveals the one LIRP best suited to get you to the 0% tax bracket.

Heather Schreiber's Social Security Advisor Newsletter

by: Heather Schreiber, RICP

Heather Schreiber’s Social Security Advisor Newsletter

Heather Schreiber’s Social Security Advisor is the go-to “all things Social Security” monthly newsletter and financial professionals reference tool. As the primary source of income for most retirees today, being knowledgeable on the latest strategies and insights is a critical aspect of income planning for retirement.

Heather Schreiber, RICP®, brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry and is recognized for her ability to customize potential solutions and turn complex Social Security and retirement strategies into easy-to understand-terms.

Monthly Topics Include:

  • The impact and considerations of recent legislation on Social Security benefits
  • Important rules and common areas of confusion
  • An advisor mailbag of Social Security case study questions
  • Guest expert contributions on key topics related to Social Security benefits
  • And more!

Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits by Natalie B. Choate

by: Natalie B. Choate

Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits (8th Edition)

Everything you need to know about the required minimum distribution rules both during life and post-death (inherited plans and IRAs). 

Everything Roth: Roth conversions, 8 ways to contribute to a Roth IRA, Roth distributions, Roth rollovers, Roth abuses, and how the early-distributions penalty affects Roth plans.

Rollovers and plan-to-plan transfers: What’s the difference, what are the requirements for (and effects of) each, and which should you use when.

After-tax money in plans and IRAs: How it gets into a plan or IRA and how to get it OUT of the plan or IRA tax-free via a distribution or Roth conversion.

Post-death planning and compliance in Chapter 4: The executor’s role (¶ 4.1), titling the inherited IRA (¶ 4.2.01), post-death rollovers and transfers (¶ 4.2), federal estate tax treatment of retirement benefits (¶ 4.3), double deaths (¶ 4.4.12), and cleanup strategies (¶ 4.5).

Trusts as beneficiaries of retirement benefits in-depth, including trust accounting for retirement benefits, the “minimum distribution trust rules,” fiduciary income tax treatment of retirement benefits, and discussion (with examples) of planning options to benefit the surviving spouse, minors, and a disabled beneficiary. Chapter 6.

And more: Income tax treatment of distributions including LSD and NUA (Chapter 2), spousal rights, special spousal rules, and marital deduction issues (Chapter 3), qualified disclaimers (¶ 4.4), income in respect of a decedent (¶ 4.6), charitable giving with retirement benefits (Chapter 7), investors’ issues (fees, losses, “self-directed” IRAs, prohibited transactions, UBTI) and 10% penalty on pre-age-59½ distributions.

The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb 2021 by Ed Slott

by: Ed Slott, CPA

The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb (Pre-Order)

A complete action plan to help you make sure your 401(k)s, IRAs, and retirement savings aren’t depleted by taxes by the time you need to use them.

If you’re like most Americans, your most valuable asset is your retirement savings. We diligently put money away for years, yet most of us don’t know how to avoid the costly mistakes that can occur when it comes time to use it. A good chunk of your money can be lost needlessly to taxes unless you plan ahead.

The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb, by America’s IRA Expert Ed Slott, shows you in clear-cut layman’s terms how to take back control over your retirement savings and your financial future. The ticking tax bomb is coming! But this easy-to-follow guide can help you avoid the latest traps set out by Congress and show you how to structure your retirement savings so you can have more, keep more, and make it last, no matter what. This book is required reading for every American with savings and investments planning to retire—be it five years from now or fifty.

Ultimate IRA Guide: A Compilation of IRA Guides 2021 | PDF DOWNLOAD

by: Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc. | Denise Appleby, MJ, CISP, CRPS, CRSP, APA

Ultimate IRA Guide: A Compilation of IRA Guides for 2021 (PDF Download)

NEW FOR 2021

** Updated for The CARES Act ** | ** Updated for The SECURE Act **

  • Charts and tables that summarize the IRA rules in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly manner.
  • Frequently asked questions and clearly written responses.
  • Rollover and transfer rules for retirement accounts.
  • IRA Beneficiary distribution options.

** PLEASE NOTE: This file will be delivered to you as a link to download the .pdf file.  There is no physical book to be delivered. **

James Lange: Beating The New Death Tax (Book Cover)by:  James Lange, CPA & Attorney

Beating The New Death Tax: 6 Proven Strategies to Protect Your Family from The SECURE Act.

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act), which became law effective January 1, 2020, contains a provision that could be financially devastating for the children and grandchildren of IRA, 401(k), and other retirement plan owners.

The ticking time bomb is the provision that radically modifies the required minimum distribution (RMD) rules for Inherited IRAs and retirement accounts. Subject to some exceptions, an Inherited IRA or retirement plan will have to be distributed and taxed within 10 years of the original owner’s death. This forced income tax acceleration will decimate the savings and undermine the long-term financial plans of many hard-working retirement plan owners and their families.

The Fundamentals of Estate Planning (Maryland) by Vallario (Second Edition)

by: Vallario

The Fundamentals of Estate Planning (Maryland: 2nd Edition – 2019) 

Written for those studying or practicing estate planning in the state of Maryland as well as students preparing for the Uniform Bar Exam, the second edition of Fundamentals of Estate Planning (Maryland) provides a unique opportunity to bring the practical aspect of trusts and estates into the classroom by explaining concepts in a real-life manner. The text provides practical problems and illustrations with suggested responses that explain the material at a sophisticated, yet accessible, level. The book addresses Maryland, Uniform Probate Code, and Federal statutes. The second edition is fully up-to-date on recent legislation, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Trust Act.

Estate Planning (12th Edition) by: ME/MoneyEducation

by: ME/MoneyEducation

Estate Planning (12th Edition)

That is the essence of Estate Planning: controlling the movement of money during life, and after death, so it goes where it is supposed to go — and not somewhere else. Inside this text are the six critical documents for estate planning that everyone needs; the certainties surrounding death taxes; the five types of property ownership; the hows and whys of interest transfer and taxation of loved ones; and probate —simplification and avoidance.

Estate Planning contains the full ABCs of trusts: ILITs, QTIPs, CRATs, CRUTs, GRITs, GRATs, GRUTs, QPRTs, revocable, irrevocable, and more. Inside is the impact of the recent estate tax legislation and the essentials of post-mortem planning. Real data, real-life examples that are easy to understand.

This professional estate planning perspective services multiple applications:

  • In an estate planning course as part of a comprehensive curriculum in financial planning or financial management
  • As a reliable and comprehensive reference for practicing financial professionals
  • As the planning component in a Masters In Tax or Masters In Financial Planning program
  • Estate Planning meets all of the educational requirements for an Estate Planning course in any CFP Board-registered program

Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child's Financial Future by: Kevin Urbatsch Attorney & Michele Fuller-Urbatsch Attorney

by: Kevin Urbatsch, Attorney, & Michele Fuller-Urbatsch, Attorney

Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child’s Financial Future (2019) 

Leave money to a loved one with a disability―without losing benefits.  Use a special needs trust to provide financial security for your child (or anyone) with a disability, without jeopardizing important government benefits. Funds in a special needs trust do not count against eligibility for benefits and can be used to improve the quality of your child’s life.

This book provides everything you need to know about special needs trusts―whether you make one yourself with this book or have an attorney draft one for you. The authors explain:

  • how special needs trusts work
  • the trustee’s role
  • ways to pass important information to successor trustees
  • the pros and cons of joining a pooled trust.

Accounting and Financial Planning Newsletter by: Law Journal Newsletter an ALM Publication

by: (LJN) Law Journal Newsletter and ALM Publication

Accounting and Financial Planning Newsletter for Law Firms (Monthly Newsletter) 

Packed with vital information, each monthly issue saves you valuable time while ensuring that you stay current on the latest information, rulings, and software in your field. All financial aspects of managing law firms are covered, including:

  • Building a law firm budget
  • Reducing liability payments
  • Utilizing automated time and billing systems
  • Coordinating benefits for law firm partners
  • The newest strategies to grow your firm and your career

Get all this in a concise eight-page format, with none of the glossy fluff and advertising you’re used to. Accounting & Financial Planning For Law Firms is written by an Editorial Board of experts who know the issues — and the answers!

NOTE: Online access includes downloadable eBooks.

The FINTECH Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries by: Susanne Chishti & Janos Barberis

by: Susanne Chishti & Janos Barberis

The FinTech Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Visionaries. 

The FINTECH Book is your primary guide to the financial technology revolution and the disruption, innovation, and opportunity therein. Written by prominent thought leaders in the global fintech investment space, this book aggregates diverse industry expertise into a single informative volume to provide entrepreneurs, bankers, and investors with the answers they need to capitalize on this lucrative market. Key industry developments are explained in detail, and critical insights from cutting-edge practitioners offer first-hand information and lessons learned.