Recommended Software

We often get requests for software on the following topics. These are the ones we recommend.

IRS Interest & Penalties

For IRS Interest & Penalties calculations, there is no better program than the following:

TimeValue Software

4 Jenner St., Ste. 100
Irvine, CA 92618
Fax: (949) 727-3268

Social Security Benefits

For Social Security Benefit calculations, there is no better program than one from the Social Security Administration itself. It is available for free downloading on the Internet.

The Office of the Actuary, Social Security Administration

Benefits Software

Gary Lesser has developed several programs that a number of Brentmark customers have very favorably mentioned to us.

QP-SEP Illustrator
SIMPLE Illustrator

Gary S. Lesser, J.D.
GSL Galactic Consulting
944 Stockton St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260-4925
(317) 254-0385
Fax: (317) 254-0386

Brentmark Software
415 Gallatin Cir
Irmo, SC  29063-8066

1-800-879-6665 or 407-306-6160

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