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IMPORTANT – Read carefully before downloading, copying, installing or using this product. You may not access or use the software to which this Software Privacy Policy applies unless you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Software Privacy Policy.

Download a copy of this agreement: Software Privacy Policy (January 2020)

Brentmark’s Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use. Your privacy is important to us. The statement describes what data we collect and how we use the data you provide via our website. Please carefully read the product-specific details in this privacy statement, which may provide additional relevant information. This statement only applies to the interactions Brentmark has with the Customer, whether individual user or enterprise client with multiple users, through licensed products. From time to time, the Privacy Statement may need to be revised, so we encourage you to check periodically for any updates or changes.
Brentmark offers a variety of products, including individual user and server accessible products deployed under an enterprise license. References to Brentmark products in this statement include individual products, software, and applications deployed in both desktop and via the Internet.

Section 1. Online Security and Website Links

Information on this website is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology, the leading security protocol for data transfer on the Internet.

Even though there are many benefits to using this website, as with all electronic communications, there are some risks which may include, and to which Brentmark does not recognize or accept liability concerning:

• Failure of hardware, software and/or Internet connections. We are not responsible for failures, distortions, delays or other problems resulting from equipment configuration, connection, signal power, hardware, software or any equipment used to access the Internet.

• No guarantee that the confidentiality or security of electronic transmissions via the Internet can be assured due to potentially unsecure computers and links. This could result in data becoming lost or intercepted during transmission. Please use good judgment before deciding to send information via the Internet.

Section 2. Third-Party Websites or Resources

Brentmark’s website and products may contain links to other websites and/or resources hosted by independent third parties. At times, Brentmark may work with such third parties to create the content available on these websites; at other times, link(s) to these websites are provided solely as a resource or convenience for our users. Since these third-party websites are not hosted or maintained by Brentmark, we do not make any guarantees or warranties as to the validity or accuracy of the information posted on these websites, or for any products or services that may be available on these websites. As a result, you agree that Brentmark has no liability for any damages you may incur as a result of your use of or the information you receive from or submit to these third-party websites.

The use of these third-party websites may subject the user to separate binding agreements, including terms of use and privacy statements, which can be found on the third-party website if applicable. Be sure to read these additional agreements and statements and have a working understanding of the terms.

Section 3. Information Collected and Used

For purposes of this website, we collect personal information that is unique to the Customer and associated users but limited to the registration information provided to use this website, purchase products, as well as information about users covered under the Software Subscription License Agreement. The data elements collected may include name, mailing address, email address, IP address, telephone number, payment details (including payment type, cardholder name, credit card number, expiration dates, security features, and any additional relevant payment information), and product purchase history. In addition, we may request information needed to complete certain required legal or regulatory filings.

We may use your email or phone number to respond to your inquiry or to send information about a service or resource that you expressed interest in or that Brentmark is currently marketing. We will continue to send users or account holders information unless you request us to unsubscribe or opt out. Users may also decide to ask Brentmark questions and provide comments about our website or services via email. Users are encouraged to provide this feedback. We do share these messages with individuals in the organization who can appropriately respond, and we may preserve the content of your message along with our response. At times, we may use a third-party vendor to determine if you open and use any information that we share via email, as well as to solicit your feedback through online surveys, and the like. Responding to these surveys is optional. It is important to use good judgment when sending personal information through via email. These messages may pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have taken steps to secure these transmissions while others have not, which could affect the privacy and integrity of the information you send.

The employee information that Brentmark collects from the Customer or user, is used solely to deliver and administer the Software products and services purchased by the Customer, and not for any other purpose.

We also collect electronic data about the users of the website in order to provide a positive website experience, offer products and services and report on user activity. The tools we use are listed below.

Cookies and tags may be used on websites to gather information about how individuals use and navigate the website. Neither cookies nor tags can extract any personal information about you, nor can they read any data that resides on your personal computer or device. The data collected from these sources may be used to recognize repeat users and track usage patterns. Specifically, we may use “cookies,” which are small pieces of information sent by a web server and stored on a web browser. Cookies allow the web server to maintain an active “session” with an individual user and track what tools users are accessing on the site.

The following are examples of how we use the information collected from these cookies and tags:

• Tracking resources and data accessed on the site
• Recording general site statistics and activity
• Troubleshooting website problems
• Tracking what tools users are accessing on the site

We may combine any of this information with additional information that we have about the user for data analytics, marketing and reporting, but only as permitted by law.

Data Security and Storage
Brentmark adheres to accepted industry security standards that are designed to protect any non-public personal information on this website against accidental or unauthorized use, access or disclosure. The technology we use is specifically designed for web servers. All collected information resides in the United States of America in a secure database behind a firewall where it cannot be accessed without proper authorization. Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology encrypts your information as well as the Customer’s purchase history, if it is transmitted over the Internet. In addition, we may periodically subject this website to simulated intrusion tests that may be used in developing comprehensive recovery strategies.

The Customer and user(s) also have a responsibility to keep the information that is available on the Brentmark website and/or associated product(s) secure by keeping individual account name(s) and password(s) confidential. This will help prevent any potential unauthorized access to Customer account.

Data Retention and Destruction
Brentmark complies with the laws and regulations related to both the length of time that any electronic or personal information is retained, and its appropriate destruction.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
Brentmark may change this statement as necessary. When updates are made, the date at the bottom of the statement will be updated to reflect that a revision has occurred. We encourage you to occasionally refer to the Brentmark Privacy Policy made available at

Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy and Policy statement, please contact us via the information listed at