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 Jane and Greg at Heckerling 2009 Jane & Nicole at Heckerling 2009

Jane Schuck was mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of the book (published in Jan., 2007), Julie Jason's Guide to Connecticut Probate: What Every Connecticut Family Needs to Know About Probate, by Julie Jason, JD, LLM.  Jane was mentioned as one of the financial experts without whom the book would not have been possible.  Brentmark was also thanked in the following quote on pg. xiii:  I am also indebted to CCH, Brentmark Software, and the Thomson Corporation, for their help with the tax and IRA case studies provided...

Jane Schuck was acknowledged on a Special Thanks page of the book (published in November, 2008), Financial Wisdom (Tough Questions. Smart Answers. Better Retirement.) by Marc Silverman.

Gregory Kolojeski, was cited in the December 2006 issue of Ed Slott's IRA Advisor as part of the IRA Dream Team, a " of IRA experts who generously contribute their knowledge and add tremendous value to each issue."

Gregory Kolojeski is the author of Chapter 13, Required Minimum Distributions, in the AICPA book, The CPA's Guide to Retirement Plans for Small Businesses.  An updated chapter was included in the 2007 edition of the book.

Gregory Kolojeski had a quote noted on the back cover of James Lange's 2006 book, Retire Secure!  In the second edition of Retire Secure!, which was published in February 2009, Greg has a testimonial shown on the first page of the book.

Gregory Kolojeski is a co-author of the Roth IRA Answer Book, which is in its Fifth Edition with a 2009 Cumulative Supplement.

Gregory Kolojeski and Jane Schuck were mentioned in the Acknowledgements sections of three of Ed Slott's books, The Retirement Savings Time Bomb...and How to Defuse It, Parlay Your IRA into a Family Fortune and Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map: The Leave-Nothing-to-Chance, Worry-Free, All-Systems-Go Guide.

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