Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) Download & Installation Instructions

|Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) Download & Installation Instructions

Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) Download & Installation Instructions

Brentmark is happy to announce the latest release of Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) v.2020.02.  Some of our customers may have temporarily experienced issues with logging into their Portal or downloading their copy.  If you are having a hard time retrieving v. 2020.02, please refer to these helpful hints.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Brentmark at or call us directly 803.781.9595.

Download a copy of this information file.




  1. Using your Internet browser, go to
  2. Click on the “Client Portal” blue button near the top right of the webpage.

Clients Portal


  1. Use the login page to enter your information to get to the dashboard.

Brentmark Portal Login Screen




The landing page you should have visible will be the Portal Dashboard.

  1. Locate Estate Planning Tools (Desktop App) on the Portal Dashboard.
  2. Locate and select the button labeled “Download”.  This will download the file “” to your browser’s download folder.


EPT Portal Download Button


3.  Click on “Download” on the next screen as well.

Estate Planning Tools Download Button


4.  On the next screen click on “Save File”.  This will download the zip file to your “Downloads” Folder.  You can click on ‘Open with’ to unzip the file, but it will likely save the zip file to a temporary location, and you will need to download again if you want to reinstall.

Save File


  1. Once the download is complete, select the “” file listed in your Downloads folder.
    • This will unzip the file and begin running the installation.
  2. Navigate to your Downloads folder with Windows File Explorer.  Locate the file that was downloaded.  This .zip file will contain the installation file.  Double click this file to begin download.

  1. Inside the zip file, is the installation file titled: “numsetup202100.exe”, double click this file to start the installation.

  1. Follow the remaining steps you are prompted on to complete your installation.



Now that you have completed the download and installation of Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) v.2021.00 you can access the program by clicking the shortcut on your desktop.  You can also open the program by using the Windows File Explorer: Navigate to your program files folders, open the “Brentmark” folder and then the folder for “Estate Planning Tools”. In that folder, click on the application to open it.

REMINDER:  You may always check release dates and version numbers at under software updates. In addition, the program now contains a Brentmark News Channel, which contains information about current releases.

If you encounter a problem with the 2021.00 installation, try to uninstall prior versions of Estate Planning Tools, and then retry the 2021.00 installation. If problems still persist, please e-mail:



The Brentmark Client Portal supports most modern browsers.  Internet Explorer 11 is currently supported, but it is highly recommended to use Microsoft’s Edge in place of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.  Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are also supported.

Brentmark is thrilled to have recently released Estate & Charitable Planner LIVE, which is a web-based application that COMBINES ALL of the models from Charitable Financial Planner (Desktop) and ALL the models from Estate Planning Tools (Desktop).  Additionally, there are several models that are centralized around the SECURE Act which are not available in either desktop program.  If you are interested in this application, individual and enterprise licensing is available.   Feel free to email Brentmark at for an account review.

Desktop applications can only be downloaded and installed on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (unless you are using a third-party tool such as Parallels for Mac).

Web-based applications, such as Estate & Charitable Planner LIVE, work on all platforms, but do require a modern browser.



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