Locating Downloaded Installation Files

|Locating Downloaded Installation Files

Locating Downloaded Installation Files

Where are my downloaded files?

Brentmark files download automatically to your computer’s “Downloads” folder.  If you do not already know where your downloads folder is located, please refer to the following steps as general and NOT specific guidelines, as your system may differ.

Download and print these instructions here.

 To access your downloads folder (through Windows 10), follow these steps. 

(1.) At the bottom of your screen, there likely is an icon that will open up File Explorer. Click this button. 

If the icon does not appear, type in the words “File Explorer” in the search box (shown above), and click on “Open”. 

(2.) Once open, click once (highlight) the Downloads folder in the left panel. Once this is done, the contents of the download folder will appear in the right panel. If you have downloaded a product from Brentmark.com, it will appear in this panel. All products downloaded will be zipped (it will appear with a zipped folder icon) and will have the full name of the product, along with the version. Below is an image for Retirement Distributions Planner (version 2022.21). 

(3.) Unzip the product – to do this, double-click the product zip file. (In the above, double click on the ‘Retirement_Distributions_Planner_202221.zip’ file. Doing this will show the installation file that is currently zipped. Double-click this file to start the installation. Installations do require elevated User Accounts (Admin rights). 


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