Creating A Shortcut To The Brentmark Portal (Windows)

|Creating A Shortcut To The Brentmark Portal (Windows)

Creating A Shortcut To The Brentmark Portal (Windows)

How do I create a Desktop shortcut or icon to the Brentmark Portal on my Windows machine?

Follow these steps on your machine device to create a shortcut or icon on your Desktop.

Download The Illustrated Guide.

            (You can also access this file through it’s individual FAQ post.) 

  • Once you have downloaded the file, go to your “Downloads” folder.
  • Locate and double-click the file downloaded ( 
  • Unzip to extract the file contents.  There are 2 files, both need to be extracted for the shortcut to be created. 

OPTION 1: (Preferred) 

Select the “Extract All” button along the top toolbar.

OPTION 2: (May Not Be Supported On All Windows Versions)

Select “Extract All” on the secondary form that appears.

  • Select the location destination for the extracted files. 

                 Windows likely will give a location suggestion.  This can be changed (if you so choose) by using the “Browse”  button.  

  • Once you have chosen a file destination, click on “Extract”.
  • Double click the “URLShortcut.bat” file. 

* NOTE:  This will run a Windows Batch file, that will create a shortcut to the login page, and will use the included   “BrentmarkLogo.ico” file as the image.  Windows may give you a warning that your machine is going to run a batch file.  

If this happens, follow these steps:

  • Select “More Info”. 
  • Select “Run Anyway”.
  • A paused command shell (black screen with white text) will appear detailing that a shortcut was created.

The “Portal” icon and shortcut with the Brentmark “B” should now be on your desktop. 

* NOTE:  If the image icon or shortcut does not appear, restart your machine allowing Windows to correctly assign the image to the shortcut. 











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