Estate Planning Tools

A downloadable demo is available.

Estate Planning Tools includes over 100 different calculation models in 15 areas: Trusts (includes our most comprehensive coverage of GRATs, QPRTS, GRUTs, Dynasty Trusts); Tools of Estate Planning (private annuities, SCINs); Charitable (charitable remainder unitrusts and annuity trusts), Estate Planning Techniques (§6166, §303, installment sales, group term cost); Retirement, Taxes, Present/Future Value Calcs, Valuation, Investment, Inflation, Real Estate, Insurance, Net Worth, Financial Goals, and Budgeting. The program calculates state death taxes (using Brentmark's State Death Tax Manager feature) in addition to the federal estate tax. The program has been updated for the Tax Cut and Jobs Act with the new estate tax and income tax rates.

Most of Estate Planning Tools' models include presentation graphics. Reports may be sent to a printer, PDF file, text file, word processing file, spreadsheet file, or to a web page htm file. Estate Planning Tools is one of Brentmark’s most popular programs.  Single User License: $595 (download now). Initial licensing includes six full months of maintenance coverage (updates sent as released). Optional future annual maintenance is priced at $179. A current desktop version of Windows is required.  

For a free demo disk, contact Brentmark Software. Send e-mail to or call 1-800-879-6665. A downloadable demo is also available.

Estate Planning Models

Capitalization of Income
Valuation through Comparable Stock
Book Value Method
Goodwill Valuation
Key Employee Valuation
Special Use Valuation
Financial Planning Ratios

Tools of Estate Planning
Inclusion of CRAT, CRUT, GRAT or GRUT
Self-Canceling Installment Note
Private Annuity
Annuity, Life Estate, & Remainder Factors
Simplified GSTT Worksheet
Total Cost of GST Transfer
Qualified Tuition Programs

GRIT and Qualified Personal Residence Trust
Grantor Retained Annuity Trust
Grantor Retained Unitrust
IDIT Installment Sales
Dynasty Trust
Split Interest
Bypass Trust Computation

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust 
Charitable Remainder Unitrust 
Charitable Lead Annuity Trust 
Charitable Lead Unitrust
Naming a Charity as Beneficiary of Group Term Life Insurance (Table I)
Interrelated Estate Tax
Estate Planning Techniques
Estate Tax Advantage of Gift Tax Exclusion
§6166 Installment Payment of Estate Tax
Business Owner’s §2057 Estate Tax Deduction
Substantially Disproportionate Redemptions
§303 Stock Redemptions
Installment Sale
Group Term Life Cost

Gift and Estate Tax Computation
Prior Gifts (new in 2011)
Projection of Estate Tax
Marital Deduction Optimization
Table 2001 (P.S. 58) Cost
Tax on a Net Gift
Individual Income Tax
Corporate Income Tax

Lump Sum Distributions
Retirement Plan Taxation (Confiscate)
Pre-59˝ Distributions
Determination of Cash Requirements

Present/Future Value
Present Value of Annuity
Present Value of a Lump Sum
Deferred Compensation
Future Value of an Annuity
Future Value of a Lump Sum
Deposit Growth
Life Expectancy
Chance of Survival

Financial Planning Models

Common Stock Calculator
Comprehensive Bond Calculator
Annual Rate of Return
Investment and Cash Flow Analyzer
Holding Period Return Calculator
Present Value of Investment
Internal Rate of Return

Erosion of Purchasing Power
Fundlife Calculator
Inflation Adjusted Income and Asset Analysis
Income Due to an Investment Fund
College Cost Estimator
Lump Sum Needed for Increasing Annuity
Contributions Required to Reach a Goal

Real Estate
After-Tax Return on an Investment
Amortization Schedule
Break-Even Period Refinancing
Mortgage Comparison Schedule
Double Payments on Retirement of a Mortgage
Break-Even Interest Rate Comparison
Mortgage Payment Calculator

Rate of Return on Life Insurance
Net Cost of Life Insurance
Net Clear Death Benefit
Insurance Needs Analysis
Total Cost of Group Term Life Insurance
Business Buyout Analyzer
Need for Business Interruption Insurance
Death Benefit Rate of Return
Net Worth
Net Worth Analyzer and Projector
Security Portfolio Analyzer
Taxable Social Security Benefits Under OBRA ‘93
Periodic Withdrawals from an Investment
How Compounding Builds Net Worth
Future Value of Increasing Payments

Financial Goals
Summary of Financial Objectives
Accumulation Planning Worksheet
Educational Funding Analysis
Retirement Analysis
Social Security Benefits
Present Value of Future Retirement Benefits
Federal Estate Tax Discount
Income-Related Medicare Premium Adjustment

Income and Expenses Report
Monthly Cash Flow Report
Dividend and Interest Income Report
Term of Loan Calculator
After-Tax Return and Cost Calculator
Cost of an Outlay
Extra Loan Payment Analyzer


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