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The Retirement Distributions Planner calculates required minimum distributions under the 2002 final regulations (as well as the 2001 proposed regs and the pre-2001 rules) from qualified plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs.

The minimum distributions calculations handle both single and joint life expectancies cases as well as spousal and nonspousal beneficiaries. Under the old rules, life expectancies may be based on any allowable combination of the automatic refiguring of life expectancy or term certain methods. The hybrid method is handled. For nonspousal beneficiaries, the MDIB rules are included. Program users may also enter additional plan contributions and an expected plan growth percentage to show continued plan growth.

The program includes the ability to handle Roth IRA minimum distributions. Roth IRA required minimum distributions do not start until after the death of the IRA owner.

The program handles multiple beneficiariesIt handles up to five beneficiaries either after the death of the plan owner or after the death of a spouse after a spousal rollover.  Reports show annual distributions and the life expectancy for each beneficiary as well as total distributions to each beneficiary and yearly distributions to all beneficiaries. 

The program also handles pre-59 distributions that avoid the 10% penalty. This feature provides you with three ways to calculate "substantially equal periodic payments" that need to be taken in order to avoid the 10% penalty that is imposed for taking funds out of your pension plans before age 59. All three methods from Rev. Rul. 2002-62 are included as well as the calculation variations from the IRS' FAQs regarding Revenue Ruling 2002-62.

Retirement Distributions Planner presents results in both numerical and graphical form.  Extensive help text is included in the program.  Single User License (Windows 98 or later): $249 (download now).  Initial licensing includes six full months of maintenance coverage (updates sent as released).  Optional future annual maintenance is priced at $79.

Retirement Distributions Planner was previously known as the Pension Distributions Planner 

Customized versions of the Retirement Distributions Planner are available for larger quantities or for firm-wide licensing.  Contact Brentmark Software for more information.

Case Studies (click on links to download):

Retirement Distributions Planner Case Studies (3/1/06)
File: Pension Distributions Planner Case Studies.pdf (428K)

Case No. 1 Minimum Distributions Reports (3/9/06)
File: Case No. 1 Minimum Distributions.pdf (57K)
Case No. 2 Spousal Rollover Five Beneficiaries Reports (3/9/06)
File: Case No. 2 Spousal Rollover Five Beneficiaries.pdf (60K)
Case No. 3 Inherited IRA Reports (3/9/06)
File: Case No. 3 Inherited IRA.pdf (62K)
Case No. 4 Pre-59 Distributions Reports (3/9/06)
File: Case No. 4 Pre-59 1-2 Distributions.pdf (65K)
Case No. 5 Switch to Minimum Distributions Method Reports (3/9/06)
File: Case No. 5 Switch to Minimum Distributions Method.pdf (65K)

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