Heckerling 2020

Our Clients are the Most Successful, Knowledgeable Advisors in the Industry

We are moving forward to achieving our goals by making Brentmark the most sought out financial software in the retirement and estate planning areas, and our clients the most successful, knowledgeable advisors in the industry.

Brentmark will continue to enhance our calculation-intensive programs, as well as add new services to the Company. We intend to do extensive training on our programs, seminars and public speaking. We will continue to educate our users of the many valuable features our software has to offer.

Estate Planning Tools

Brentmark History

Brentmark Software. Inc. was founded by Gregory Kolojeski, a former IRS estate tax attorney, in 1985 and has been serving the financial planning community for 34 years. In recent months, the ownership has changed and we are pleased to announce Nicole L. Maholtz as the current owner and President of Brentmark.

Nicole has been with Brentmark for 23 years and has been involved in the Estate and Retirement Planning for over 30 years. She worked closely with her mother, Jane Schuck, at Jane Schuck & Associates before it merged with Brentmark. Nicole’s knowledge in the estate and retirement planning areas grew over the years; and her expertise is well sought out by many advisors, planners, attorneys and CPAs in the financial arena.

Nicole Maholtz President & CEO of Brentmark, Inc. | Heckerling 2019