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Brentmark, Inc. has been the industry gold-standard for highly accurate estate, retirement, and charitable planning calculation software for over 35 years.  Our corporate philosophy was founded on the principle that good financial and estate planning decisions must be supported by facts and vigorous analysis in order to mitigate risk. Brentmark, Inc.’s primary goal is to help clients improve the quality of their financial, tax, and estate planning services by improving the proficiency and accuracy of often-changing legislative financial calculations.

Nicole Maholtz, President and CEO Brentmark, Inc.

Nicole Maholtz

President and CEO

Brentmark, Inc.  |  Brentmark Curator

Nicole Maholtz is Brentmark, Inc.’s President and CEO. The industry leader in retirement, estate, charitable, and financial planning software.  Mrs. Maholtz is also President and CEO of Brentmark Curator a news and media broadcasting company.  Read below for Nicole’s perspective on working at Brentmark.


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Where did you go to school?
PA Insurance Producer
Lock Haven University (LHU) – B.S. Business Management, Minor: Accounting
Archbishop Walsh, Olean, NY
What is your favorite hobby or recreational activity?
I also own two restaurants in Pennsylvania. So besides keeping up with the tax codes, I also research recipes. So that keeps me busy in my spare time.
When did you first start working for Brentmark and in what role?
My journey started over 30 years ago when Brentmark and Jane Schuck & Associates merged. My initial role was in sales, marketing, training, and product review.
What made you want to step into a leadership role with Brentmark?
Brentmark’s founder Greg Kolojeski wanted to retire and I did not want to see the company fold or be bought by a larger corporation.  I believe in Brentmark, its uniqueness, and the team that I work with. I had a clear vision of where Brentmark needed to go with respect to its leadership and direction of the products. Over the years, I have met some incredible professionals that I truly like to work with, not to mention I love the subject matter.
How does Brentmark today differ from Brentmark 5 years ago?
Brentmark has been very focused on progressing our entire product line to more innovative and streamlined technology platforms. We listen to our clients and work very hard to enhance our full product line.
What are your top priorities for Brentmark in the coming year?
To keep expanding and enhancing our product line. To offer our clients top-notch calculations and back it with the knowledge and training that is needed.
What do you want Brentmark to focus on in the next five years?
Forward progress!  We have made great strides in modernizing Brentmark’s policies, procedures, and products.  But we also need to keep evolving, improving, and enhancing our Brentmark product line. My goal is for us to continue to stay competitive in today’s market while staying true to our impeccable values and integrity.
I love my job, my team, my clients and I enjoy going to work.

Keith Reynolds

Director of Development & Architecture

Brentmark, Inc.  |  Brentmark Curator

Keith Reynolds is Brentmark’s Director of Development & Architecture.  Read below for Keith’s perspective on working at Brentmark.


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Where did you go to school?
Florida State University (FSU)  – B.S. Statistics
University of Central Florida (UCF)  – B.S. Computer Science
University of New Orleans (UNO)
What is your favorite hobby or recreational activity?
I enjoy bowling and have bowled in various leagues and tournaments.  I also volunteer every month in my local community.
When did you first start working for Brentmark, Inc., and in what role?
I came to work for Brentmark in April 1999 as a Programmer.  Prior to this, I worked for a Life Insurance company where I worked closely with the Actuary.  I utilize those advanced mathematical skills in my current role.
What do you enjoy most in your technical leadership role with Brentmark?
The need for constant research and development into new and emerging technology.  I also enjoy delving into the research of regulations and passed legislation that direct the calculations and techniques we develop and utilize in our products.
How does Brentmark’s use of technology differ from Brentmark 5 years ago?
We now have LIVE products delivered via the web.  Brentmark’s historical development was centered around desktop platforms.  Since 2018, we have steadily been increasing our product line to offer products online.  That means instant and automatic version updates for our users, as opposed to chasing a desktop release rollout for every product.
What are your top priorities for Brentmark in the coming year?
My focus is to continue advancing our web applications.  We are working on new projects that handle Roth conversions (Retirement Plan Analyzer (RPA)) and more comprehensive calculations and new models coming to our product line.  Continuing legislation also keeps us on our toes and will always dictate some of our development schedules.  This is of primary importance given our reputation as industry leaders for financial calculations and our record of accuracy.  We would not want to get behind in incorporating passed legislation changes because that would result in inaccurate calculations for our clients.  Brentmark’s focus is always on utilizing current passed legislation (not conjecture) and ensuring precision in our calculations.
Kathleen Reynolds

Kathleen Reynolds

Head of Branding & Operations

Brentmark, Inc.  |  Brentmark Curator

Kathleen Reynolds is Brentmark’s Head of Branding & Operations.  Read below for Kathleen’s perspective on working at Brentmark.

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Where did you go to school?
I love learning new things and taking classes.  I try to implement everything I learn in my personal and professional life.

  • Harvard Business School – Business and Data Analytics:  I have been keenly interested in data science and analytics for some time.  Understanding how to capture, quantify, and utilize data is a priority in various avenues of marketing and operations.
  • Gallaudet University (GU) – Deaf Studies:  I have been learning American Sign Language (ASL) for a few years now.  It is something I have always been interested in and I have gained a renewed perspective on ways to implement inclusive content in our marketing and in our corporate policies.
  • American University (AU) – Cultural Anthropology:  Cultural Anthropology has fascinated me my entire life.  I love to learn about cultures (both new and ancient).  Cultural Anthropology (along with Industrial/Organizational Psychology) is an unsung skill set in the business and marketing world.  After all, how can you customize a targeted marketing approach without truly understanding your client or audience?
  • University of Phoenix (UP) – Industrial/Organizational Psychology:  I use this skill set almost daily in my role as Head of Marketing and Operations.  Business Psychology is useful in everything from your approach to digital marketing, UI/UX design, to contributing to and building morale and motivation to improving performance and operational targets.
  • University of Maryland (UMD) – B.A. English Literature

What is your favorite hobby or recreational activity?
In addition to being a voracious reader, I love to cook and bake for just about everyone I know.  I also spend several hours a month volunteering with my local community.

When did you first start working for Brentmark, and in what role?
I began working as a regular consultant for Brentmark in 2019 and was hired full-time in February 2020.  However, I have been acquainted with Brentmark for 17 years.  I have spoken at length throughout the years with many Brentmark staff members about the goals and progress of a variety of products and projects.

What are your current duties at Brentmark?
I am the Head of Marketing & Operations. Our CEO Nicole Maholtz and Director of Product Development Keith Reynolds really wanted to modernize Brentmark operations.  My primary responsibilities are to craft these operational plans, budgets, graphics, collateral, and products from scratch.

Additionally, I am the Editor & Media Curator for Brentmark Curator, which is our new financial and legislative news and media broadcasting company.

Brentmark, Inc. | Jake Maholtz - Account Executive

Jake Maholtz

Account Executive

Brentmark, Inc.  |  Brentmark Curator

Jake Maholtz is a Brentmark Account Executive.  Read below for Jake’s perspective on working at Brentmark.


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Where did you go to school?
Dutch Fork High School Irmo, South Carolina
What is your favorite hobby or recreational activity?
Watching Ice Hockey, I have played hockey, goalie position since I was 5. I enjoy following the stock market and playing cards with family. 
When did you first start working for Brentmark and in what role?
I started part-time in late 2018 and converted full-time in mid-2019 as an Account Executive. 
What does your job entail?
Bringing on and informing new clients of what all Brentmark has to offer and teaching proper ways to utilize our tools. 
What you enjoy most about your role at Brentmark?
Being in the service side of the business, I enjoy being able to interact and talk one on one with customers and new clients. 
What are the most common questions clients ask?
For a while it was whether we complied with the Secure Act (we did), now I get the differences from our LIVE and desktop programs. 
What is your favorite customer experience?
My favorite customer experience is going on the road and talking face to face with our clients.