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Applies to:     - AFR Download Problems
- Common AFR File Location for Multiple Users
- Brentmark Applications Moved to New Computer
- All computers in which the AFR location is within the Program Files (x86) folder tree


Background:  All Brentmark Applications that require the use of Applicable Federal Rates (AFR) download those rates from Brentmark servers and store them in files on the user machine.

                        In order for the program to store these AFR files, the user must have write privileges for the folder in which the files are stored. If the user does not have write privileges, then

                        the program will not be able to save the downloaded and the AFR will not be available for use in calculations.

Sometimes the user does not have write privileges for the AFR storage folder because the storage folder is in the Program Files tree of the user machine. This can happen in

                        installations that have been moved onto a new computer and sometimes occurs in installations onto a Windows 10 operating system. If you have this problem, or any problem

                       that causes the AFR download not to be saved, it is easy to fix. Instructions to do so follow below.

The location for the AFR storage is stored in the computerís Registry and can be viewed and changed by using the AFR manager which is built into all Brentmark programs that

                        use AFR.

Note 1: If your AFR Location is within the C:\Program Files folder tree or the C:\Program Files(x86) folder tree, Brentmark advises that you change the location.

Note 2: Brentmark recommends the AFR folder be set to:
 C:\Documents and Settings\%User Name%\Documents\Brentmark\AFR\

(in some machines this location may appear as:
C:\Documents and Settings\%User Name%\My Documents\Brentmark\AFR\)

(%User Name% is a place holder for the user profile name)


Changing the AFR file Location

1.  Open the Brentmark AFR Manager from any Brentmark program that uses AFR.

2.  Locate the Change File Location Icon that is displayed at the top of the AFR manager.

         3.  Click the Change File Location Icon and browse to your desired location for AFR file storage. Brentmark recommends that you use either of these two folder locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\%User Name%\Documents\Brentmark\AFR

C:\Documents and Settings\%User Name%\Documents\Brentmark


1.       You can manually enter the folder path as an alternative to browsing to the path. You can paste the recommended locations above, but be sure to substitute the

       user profile name. Also be sure that there is an AFR subfolder in the Documents\Brentmark folder.

2.       Future versions of Brentmark Programs will have an AFR manager feature to create a folder at the recommended default location.

3.       Network users may prefer to store the AFR files on a server for shared use. If so, then the user AFR location must be set to point to that shared location.

4.       System administrators may prefer to set the location of the AFR files using registry settings. If so the value for STRING_PATH under the

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Brentmark\AFR ley should be set to the file location.

5.      Sometimes network security prevents desktop programs from accessing the internet. This will prevent Brentmark programs from downloading the AFR files. In

      such situations, the AFR file can be manually downloaded and saved in the AFR folder location.

      The AFR file is downloaded from this URL (right click the link and choose Save target as... or Save Link As...):

[HRule Image]
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