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Software Update History

Note: Web Applications and Desktop applications are 2 different products.

Current Version Release Date
Estate and Charitable Planner LIVE (Web Application) 2020.10 09/27/2020 Access via Client Portal
Charitable Financial Planner LIVE (Web Application) 2020.00 01/15/2020 Access via Client Portal
Retirement Distributions LIVE (Web Application) 2020.10 10/05/2020 Access via Client Portal
Estate Planning QuickView (Desktop) 2020.01 09/08/2020 Download in Client Portal
Kugler Estate Analyzer ™ (Desktop) 2020.01 09/03/2020 Download in Client Portal
Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) 2020.02 08/12/2020 Download in Client Portal
Charitable Financial Planner (Desktop) 2020.20 06/22/2020 Download in Client Portal
Retirement Plan Analyzer (Desktop) 2020.11 06/11/2020 Download in Client Portal
Savings Bond Toolkit (Desktop) 2020.10 05/28/2020 Download in Client Portal
Retirement Distributions Planner (Desktop) 2020.10 04/15/2020 Instructions sent by e-mail
PFP Notebook™ (Desktop) 2020.00 11/14/2019 Instructions sent by e-mail

If your version number is different than what is listed above, e-mail: